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Published: 14th May 2010
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Company Formation in Moldova We can help in all steps necessary to Company formation .

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Company registration in Moldova:

Main company registration legal acts:

Company registration in Moldova is regulated by Civil Code of Moldova Republic (June 06, 2002), Law "On state registration of legal entities" (October 05, 2000), Law "On foreign investments into entrepreneurial activity" (March 18, 2003).

Main forms of business presence:

Limited liability company; Joint stock company; Representative/Branch office

Minimum charter capital (LLC): 5400 Lei (430 US Dollars )

Services for company registration:

Preparation of constituent documents;

Company registration in tax authorities;

Ordering and receipt of the seal;

Registration of company's data in social funds;

Notarial authentication of the bank cards;

Opening of accumulative/current bank accounts.

Preliminary information necessary for company registration*:

Company's name (there is no need to check it for uniqueness).

Legal address in Moldova (we may provide you with it upon request) and contact telephone;

Information about Participants (Shareholders) and Director of the company (name, residence address, citizenship) and contact telephones;

The size of charter capital of the company and methods of its contribution;

Types of activity;

Choice of bank, where accumulative/current accounts will be opened

*All documents is necessary to present in advance in order to translate them into Moldovan language. Our company retains the right to ask for additional documents. All documents have to be notarized by appropriate local authorities and legalised by the Moldovan Embassy in the country of Participants (Shareholders) or in accordance with Hague Convention (1961) must bear Apostille, issued by the approporiate state agency after the notarisation on each document.

Presence of Participants (Shareholders) during company registration procedure: Presence is not necessary - everything can be made with POA.

General term of company registration: from 14 days


Necessary Documents

For the state registration of the legal entities, the following documents should be submitted:

identity cards of the founders or of their representatives, entitled by a power-of-attorney authenticated as prescribed by law, as well as of the legal entity's administrator;

proof of payment of the registration cost.

For the state registration of the legal entities with foreign investments, additionally to the application shall be enclosed the following documents:

1.the extract from the national register of the investor's country of origin;

2.the constitutional documents of the foreign legal entity;

3.the criminal record of the future administrator, issued by the relevant authorities of the country of origin and of the Republic of Moldova, if the person is foreign

The documents listed in points a) to c) have to be submitted in original or in copies authenticated by a notary and legalized by the consular offices of the Republic of Moldova abroad, being translated into the state language.

Foreign official documents drawn up on the territory of the states members of the Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalisation for Foreign Public Documents, signed on 05.10.1961, and which Moldova is a party to, on which an apostille is affixed in the conditions stated by this Convention, are accepted for registration without any additional extra legalization. This order can be also applied to the extracts and to the copies of these documents.

In case if the attorney is acting on the behalf of the founder (founders), he has to present a relevant power-of-attorney. When incorporating a Limited Liability Company, the administrator can not represent the associate (art. 57 of Law № 135/2007).

The documents for the state registration are drawn up into the state language and are submitted to the state registration authority by the founder or by his representative, entitled by a power-of-attorney as prescribed by law.

The documents for the incorporation are considered submitted when they are received by the Chamber territorial offices. The territorial offices of the State Chamber of Registration are entitled to refuse the admission of the application to register a company or to request some other documents in addition to those prescribed by the law.

Check of the data who have been written down in constituent documents, and also corresponding acknowledgement is made as follows:

1. The name of the legal person;

2. For founders - physical persons:

a) Foreign citizens and persons without citizenship which have driven in Republic Moldova no more than 90 days, give a copy of national passports with a mark of Boundary service of Republic Moldova about crossing frontier;

b) Foreign citizens and persons without citizenship who have come in Republic Moldova for the term of more than 90 days, give residence permit or the identification card for persons without citizenship;

3. For the managing director - the physical person:

The identification card;

Check of data of the State register about the appointed managing director from which follows, that the managing director is not managing director of other enterprise, except for a case when the managing director simultaneously is also the proprietor of the enterprise;

The managing director with foreign citizenship gives a copy of the passport, with a mark of Boundary service of Republic Moldova about crossing frontier;

Foreign citizens and persons without citizenship which have driven in Republic Moldova for the term of more than 90 days give residence permit or the identification card of the person without citizenship (the Information on absence of a previous conviction of the managing director - the foreign physical person, given out by competent body of a country of origin, and also from Republic Moldova);

4. For founders - legal persons - copies of enactments, and also the decision of founders;

5. For the persons authorized by the signature - the special and certified power of attorney;

6. The Qualifier of kinds of activity is applied to kinds of activity - in Republic Moldova " (CAEM) and the Law on regulation of enterprise activity by licensing and inclusion in the list no more than 5 kinds of activity „.

7. Acknowledgement of the brought authorized capital - the bank information.

8. The site of the legal person - should be valid, that proves to be true presence of the real estate or the certain area which it is lawful данно to the legal person in using or in the property.

9. Acknowledgement of payment for registration - the payment document.

After the registration with the State Register, the administrator or his attorney is issued, as the case may be, the following documents:

the decision of the State Chamber of Registration;

the constitutional documents;

the cer

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